Spring is no words but can wake up flowers, flowers can not be intoxicated. March 11-12, Jin Wei company all compatriots meet Xuzhou, Taierzhuang, feel the spring back to the earth, grass long warrior flying beautiful atmosphere, accept the red patriotism traditional education activities.

The first day we came to the old anti-Japanese battlefield - Taierzhuang ancient city, by visiting the Huaihai monument and Taierzhuang war Memorial Hall, as if to see the national heroic bloody battles scene, everyone in the salvation of the war in the martyrs filled with sincere admiration.

The next day to play the apricot blooming ancient Pengcheng - Xuzhou. Into the Xinglin, we immediately was full of Park in full bloom, in full swing of the apricot dumping, pink flower sturdy branches, mix and match, as if to paradise. Everyone along the winding garden in the free path of flowers, and some gently sniffing the fragrance of flowers, and some exposure to the flowers in the pictures, all the faces are filled with happiness.

Jinwei company every year to organize staff to carry out spring activities every year, in the spring record of youth, record laughter, embrace nature, soothe the work pressure, in the natural oxygen bar, we enjoy laughter, enjoy the infinite relaxed and happy! We deeply feel that they are in a warm and harmonious family, at the same time, also for the work of 2017 fueled to a more full, warm state into the work.