Recently, Jiading District of Shanghai held the outstanding corporate awards ceremony in 2017. Recognition of the year 2016 for Jiading two, three industry development made important contribution to the unit. Jinwei company with strong strong comprehensive strength, won the 2016 "Shanghai famous brand" title and the Shanghai Jiading District advanced manufacturing industry comprehensive strength award silver, He Haichao chairman won the "outstanding business" title.

In 2016, Changzhou Jinwei Industrial Park in technology, quality, service and other aspects also achieved fruitful results, many times won the provincial and ministerial level honor or recognition.

In 2016, Jinwei company Suzhou factory in the technical research and development positions in excellence, seeking truth from facts, but also continue to pursue innovation and breakthroughs, the industry has made a number of inventions, they are worthy of the "leading technology" title.

"Shanghai famous brand" is an important symbol of quality and market reputation. The qualification is reviewed every two years. The review standard is extremely strict. It involves enterprise visibility, quality level, quality system, market share and corporate credit, customer satisfaction and intangible assets Value and many other areas, is a comprehensive consideration of the enterprise. "Shanghai famous brand" continuation of the review, fully that the company's comprehensive strength of the company has been widely recognized by the community, and also have a good social reputation.

High-speed development of 2016, Jin Wei company in He Haichao, chairman of the leadership, we united as one, team work, courageously struggle to achieve a sustained and stable, healthy development of good momentum. "Shanghai famous brand" is a recognition of a business, but also the spur of the enterprise. In the future, Jinwei company will continue from the technology, services, quality and other aspects of optimization and upgrading, innovation, improve core competitiveness, to create better products and services to contribute to the community love.