And then to the 38 women's section, first wish you goddess more and more beautiful! The body is getting healthier! Work more and more smoothly! Everything is so wishful!

Because of work, so healthy;

Because of health, so beautiful;

Beautiful from the gathering of gold latitude family. Work with, is the most beautiful goddess!

"March 8" Festival on the occasion, the company for all female employees to pay the "March 8" section of welfare - Mercury home textiles 3 sets, the scene to receive benefits of female compatriots all smile. Expressed the company to give female compatriots sincere festive blessings and care, to strengthen the sense of belonging to employees

In order to alleviate the busy work pressure, had a happy and full of festivals, in the spring of the call, Jinwei company all the staff will dress together, in the March 11-12 to Xuzhou, Taierzhuang two day tour, let this " Three eight "like spring gorgeous ... ....