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  Suzhou Danyun Plastic Recycling Auxiliary Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer specialized in the research and development, production and sales service of plastic recycling equipment. It is located in Suzhou City, Taicang Chengxiang Industrial Park, with supporting mechanical processing base and advanced assembly line workshop. The company's main products are all kinds of plastic granulation extrusion professional equipment, waste plastic crushing and cleaning production line, high-performance PET crystallization drying conveyor system, series crusher, high-speed mixer, spices, chillers, Drying machine, feeding machine and so on. Each device is to promote the plastics industry to efficient energy-saving, convenient, environmental protection and other all-round development of the sharp device. They give plastic new life.

  Innovation in the cloud, with professional technical support and a full range of service security system, and users continue to innovate with high-tech, energy saving, high-quality, high-precision, reliable products. Endeavor in the clouds in the plastic, packaging, chemical, medical, building materials, beverages, home appliances, communications, electronics and many other industries to show the strength of the cloud.

  "Heart of lasting, hard work innovation" is the spirit of the enterprise, is the direction of all staff efforts, "excellent quality, perfect as one" is the cloud of the company's quality policy, "honest people" is our core philosophy. We are enthusiastic for the customer service attitude, the constant pursuit of the product as a perfect, to ensure the use of reliable products, simple, the use of new technology and new technology, continuous innovation, and gradually reduce management costs, take the professional and service-oriented business road.

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